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Life Saving Courses

Life saving is a challenging water sport activity in Malaysia. By joining this programme, you able to learn very valuable & practical skills which enable you to save a life in any emergency cases.

The Life Saving Society Malaysia (LSSM) or Persatuan Penyelamat Kelemasan Malaysia (PPKM) was established in the year 1964. LSSM is a Full Member of The International Life Saving Federation (ILSF) and Associate Member of the Commonwealth Council of the Royal Life Saving Society.

One of the Objective of Life Saving Society Malaysia is towardsA Life Saver in Every Family. In order to achieve this Meaningful & Significant Objective, we would like to Introduce “Life Saving Training Programme to all of you”.

  • Saving A Life” is “High Distinguished Achievement”.
  • To become asCertified Life Saver.
  • Take it as “Life Long Learning” Programme.
  • To learn the Knowledge of Life Saving Techniques & Skill, Water Safety, Basic First Aid, & CPR.
  • To prove the ability of your Swimming Skill as well as Physical Ability.
  • This programme is design for those who keen to become a Life Saver or those who like to venture into Life Guarding career.
  • Flight & Boat Attendant, Off-Shore & Sea Port Employees, Boat Driver & other water related jobs candidates are welcome to join us.

Training Structure

  • 1 lesson consists of Min. 4 persons & Max. 10 persons/ training.
  • The programme is come in partner, 2 persons in 1 small group.
  • Duration is 1-2hours/lesson.


  • Freestyle/Frontcrawl & Breast Stroke for the distance of 50 meter each Non-Stop is necessary in order to join this Programme.
  • Physically & Medically Fit.
  • If you would like to acquire Life Saving Skill only without going for exam also welcome to join us.


Life Saving Training FeesDuration to
Finish the training

No. of TrainingAll Guest
6 + 1RM 300.006 weeks

  • The Training Fees included necessary Tools/Materials, Instructor Fees, Basic First Aid & CPR.

Examination Fees

  • The examination Fees is subject to the Latest Rate & No. of Students.
  • Examination Fees included Examiner Fees, Certificate & Medal for each Award (Intermediate Award & International Lifesaver has no Medal, but Certificate is available).

Objective of each Life Saving Level

  • Elementary Award: To test self-preservation, swimming competence and non-contact rescue at a preparatory stage to higher awards. The holder is NOT qualified to attempt a swimming rescue in deep water.
  • Intermediate Award: To test the ability of the more competent swimmer at a stage preparatory to Bronze Medallion. The holder is NOT qualified to attempt a rescue in deep water.
  • Bronze Medallion: This is the basic test of a qualified lifesaver who must show acceptable standards of knowledge, judgment, technique and physical ability.
  • Bronze Cross: A test for qualified lifesaver covering specialist rescue, knowledge and skills.
  • Award of Merit: This is the advance test of qualified lifesaver who must show ability to carry out effective rescue over longer distances
  • Proper Swimming attire
  • Swim cap (Especially ladies)
  • Goggles
  • Student Card/Receipt
  • Towel

 * Associations, Sport Clubs, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hotels & etc are welcome to contact us for Group Lessons & Training.

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