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LET2SWIM.com Malaysia Swimming Lesson and Life Saving Programme – FAQs

Where are the locations? 
We conduct our Swimming Lessons & Life Saving Programme in Country Heights, Kajang.

What Language you’ll be using in conducting the lessons?
Basically English will be our medium of instruction, but Mandarin, Malay & Cantonese Languages will be used upon request.

What is the fees like?  
Kindly refer to our Swimming Lessons Fees & Life Saving Training Fees.
The fees includes training, shower room facilities & free car park.

What are the Programmes available with you?
We provide “Learn-To-Swim” Programme for those who keen to learn swimming.

What is the Term & Conditions? 
All lessons are to be completed within the specified period.
You need to fix a schedule with us in order to achieve your Objective.

How do I join your swimming Lessons?
Kindly visit us at the Main Lobby of the Club.
 – A Registration Form will be given to you.
 – Submit Registration Form & Payment to the Cashier in Main Lobby Counter.
 – Official Receipt will be issued to you, kindly keep it at your own for future reference.
 – After that, Student Card will be given to you by the Instructor.

How is the payment?
The payment is in “CASH” over the counter

What to Bring during the Swimming Lessons?
For the pool hygiene purpose, you need to wear:

  • Proper Swimming attire
  • Swim cap (Especially ladies)
  • Goggles
  • Student Card/Receipt
  • Towel

What is your Lessons’ Schedule?
Our Swimming Programme are available on Weekday & Weekend.
For Further detail, kindly refer to our Schedule.

When is your off day?
If the Public Holiday falls on the lesson day, then it is our Off day. Otherwise, every lesson day is our SWIMMING PARADISE.

Any replacement lessons?
Replacement Lessons will be given when there is a Heavy Rain & Thunder Storm before & half-way of the lessons.

What are the Benefits of joining your Swimming Lessons?
1) Quality of our service is acknowledged by Life Saving Society Malaysia.
2) Safety First Swimming Pool.
3) We teach according to your learning progress. If you learn fast, we will teach fast.
4) Well maintained “Quality of Water”.
5) Free Carpark.
6) Shower Room Facilities, Free Car Park

Is there any Qualified Instructor?
Yes, all our Instructors are well trained, qualified & experienced.

Will the same Instructor teaching us for the entire 6 or 10 lessons?
Yes, Instructor will be at your side from the day you sign-up until you finish.

What is your Syllabus of conducting the lessons?
We Separate the lessons into few color group.
For “Swimming Programme” : Start with Purple (Beginner), Green (Intermediate), Gray (Advanced) & Blue (Competence).
Kindly contact us for further detail of the lessons.

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