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LET2SWIM.com Malaysia Swimming Lesson and Life Saving Programme – Swimming

We organise swimming lesson in small group rather than big group because experience has told us that this is not the best way to learn-to-swim. Our lessons help you understand water safety and let go of your fears in the water. We want to build your confidence

You can definitely make friend with water after certain lessons since you have feel the water support is so amazing and we believe you can swim more smoothly and efficiently after taking the lessons.

Whether you are Non-swimmer, beginner, children, or adults, we warmly welcome everyone who are interested to join us. You will be able to find the right swimming lessons here! NEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN!

Introduction of wide range of basic activities including floating, gliding, proper breathing techniques & etc will be taught for Non-swimmer during the 1st lesson before they move into Breaststroke.

After student has good body floating position & breathing technique, then Breaststroke (Purple-Beginner) will be introduced followed by Basic Freestyle/Frontcrawl & Basic Backstroke (Green-Intermediate), Basic Butterfly (Gray-Advanced) and Full Freestyle/Frontcrawl & Butterfly (Blue-Competence).

In order to make our students to learn Fast, Easy & Fun as well as benefit them in Health, we have design an attractive swimming programme as below:

  • 1 lesson consists of min. 4 persons & max. 6 persons per group (For Small Group).
  • You can join into our current ongoing group.
  • 1 Instructor will assign to handle respective group.
  • Duration is 1hour/lesson.


  • For Adult, take this opportunity to make more friends from various fields & expand your network.
  • Take it as “Life Long Learning” Programme.
  • For Children, they may make some friends from different school. Parents can exchange in each other for some topics like kids schooling problem while their children in the swimming lesson.
  • We teach according to your learning progress, if you learn fast, we will teach fast. So that you will jump into next higher color level fast.

Have you ever thinking why you need to learn swimming since you & me living on land? Below are some main reasons why you should have your swimming lessons.

  • Swimming lessons can build a confident of student towards water & make them have an enjoyable & fun hobby.
  • By knowing on how to swim, it helps student to protect themselves from a dangerous environment and leads to a lifetime enjoyment of the water.
  • Learning swimming helps prepare any person for possible accidents in the water. For instance, if you and your family are in a boating accident, you want them to be able to swim to safety point, don’t you?
  • Swimming is a good cardio excercise which help to build muscle tone in your whole body. Swimming is a great alternative sport for people who don’t like the high impact on the legs that running involves.
  • Once you feel safe & confident in the water, you will be able to enjoy many other water sports such as boating, sailing, scuba diving perhaps during your free time or on your holiday.

Features of our Programme

  • Our Programme divided into 4 Color level which is Purple (Beginner), Green (Intermediate), Gray (Advanced) & Blue (Competence).
  • Easy for Student to identify which level they belong to.
  • Small group of students in 1 lesson which enable Instructor to give more attention and explanation.
  • The Instructor will accompany same group of students until they finish the entire lessons that they have been registered.
  • Experience & Qualify Instructor will deliver the lessons.
  • Innovation and Fun teaching approach.
  • Our programmes lead you toward as a Certified Life Saver from Life Saving Society Malaysia.

For further detail, kindly refer to our Progression Chart

Swimming Lessons Fees 

Small Group : 6-12 Years Old (KID) & 13 YEARS OLD AND ABOVE



We are implementing Small Group concept per lesson.

“Others” may as many students as possible per lessons.

Our swimming pool is from shallow to deep, you can learn & practice water treading
gradually in order to build up your confidence level at deep side.

Other swimming pool may just only 4 feet flat entirely.
How to learn water treading if your height is more than 4 feet?

We fix 1 Instructor for your entire lessons. Student & Instructor has good communication platform to deliver their respective message.

“Others” may always change their Instructor on each lesson. This has caused student & Instructor to re-communicate and suite to each other again on every lesson.

Progression Path Way & Value Of Your Fees

We have proper Progression Chart for students. So that student clear on their Objective & Direction.

“Others” may have no appropriate route for you after completed certain levels or strokes.

We allow student to proceed into next color level/next stroke as long as he/she completed his/her 1st stroke WITHOUT any charges. It’s means you may able to learn 2 or 3 strokes within 8 lessons. Depend on how fast you can learn.

“Others” are limited to only 1 stroke even you completed your 1st stroke at 6th lesson. You still continue the same stroke until you finish your 8th lesson. If you would like to learn new stroke, you need to sign-up another 8 lessons.

Our Fees structure is in “Full Package”. It means entire 4 or 8 lessons will be deliver to you without less, replacement class will be given if you are absence or heavy rain. Student will know what they want to achieve within this 8 lessons.

“Others” Fees may in monthly basic, 1 lesson in 1 week, no replacement if you are absence. It’s up to you whether you want to come or not. This will make student to lost their Objective & Direction.

  • Proper Swimming attire
  • Swim cap (Especially ladies)
  • Goggles
  • Student Card/Receipt
  • Towel

 * Associations, Sport Clubs, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hotels & etc are welcome to contact us for Group Lessons & Training.

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